Publish Tool let you generate the DXF files that cutting machines like. Generate DXF, DWG and STEP. Setup the layers for cut and etch lines. Configure the file names and store the files in different folders of material and thickness. Store the dimensions of the flat pattern to an iProperty field on each save or do this in a batch run for all parts in the assembly. Then generate automatically the drawings of the selected sheet metal parts. After that generate the PDF's of the drawings and your package for cutting and bending is ready!

 Export of DXF, DWG and STEP is free, some other additional tools are limited to 5 items. So you can export max. PDF files. Visit, to get the Pro-version without limitations and more functionality to process your files.

  • Get control of all sheet metal parts in an assembly.
  • Configure layers and file names.
  • Single part with options for export.
  • Configure the expression for flat pattern extends.